Not sure if a thread exists already, but I like watching YouTube videos that involve gravel rides.

I’ve been watching Dustin Klein lately. Lots I like about his videos:

- adventurous but relaxed rides
- guys and gals go fast and hard on bikes that are often not the latest and lightest
- good video and commentary (and tunes)
- variety of ride types, and riders
- in a way, an anti-roadie culture (though probably not intended); and I’m primarily a roadie!
- makes you want to get out and ride!
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Well I just found a new way to spent more time on the internet...
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I love Dustin Klein's videos. He shows how/why riding is so much fun. There is the Spindatt channel which is kinda of like a knockoff of Dustin Klein. The content is definitely not on par but not bad. 
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Dustin does have some good vids out there. Definitely more of that informal vlog style. 

Following this thread to see what other youtubers might be worth following. 

Ride Alongside. Learn, Gear Up, Ride On!
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The Gravel Cyclist Goat Rides Bikes (Mountain, Gravel, Road, Commute) New content weekly.

Gravel riders will appreciate this bar wrapping technique. Provides double the bar cushion and ten times the bling.

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Gravel Guru:

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Pass Less Pedaled does gravel biking, bike touring, bike fishing, and bourbon reviews.  The channel is definitely more laid back, but very entertaining and great quality vids.  It's all about the Supple Life.
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From a ride this past year
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