Gotta give my man Renold some props.  He built my monster cross that I love so much.  Have a look at his work then give him a call.  Super great guy and easy to work with.

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Sharp and classy bike.  See you could not resist a little bot of flair on the tape!  [smile]
May goats clear the thorns from your trails.
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Chi Rider
Wow!!! What a beauty! Just the style of bike that I want to build up next. Not sure exactly which bars you are using, but I have some 'On One Midges' on my Gunnar Fastlane, that I love. And I have them up really high, with a radical highrise Voodoo stem. So the setup is functionally correct and comfy too, but I would rather have my frame built around these bars with a tall front-end.
I normally use black bartape, but that neon green is very attractive, and really eye catching for the motorists.

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alpine luddite
nice. what bars are those?

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