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LewisQC wrote:
Take a look at dtswiss cr1600. Less trendy with only 22mm inner width. 377 euro on bike component (de). 

You had me really excited there! I actually would prefer something in the 22mm rim width range to be able to run 32-40mm tires, but they (like most EU shippers it seems) no longer ship DT Swiss to the USA... Dang it! 
I get that DT Swiss themselves are the ones clamping down on the sellers, but it is almost enough to turn me off of the company entirely. Rather than being able to buy a set of CR/GR 1600's for $400-500 from the EU, I would have to pay $700-800 to get the exact same product from a US based seller. What a crock. 
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Thanks for the insight! I have noticed that a bunch of the places selling DT Swiss wheels in the EU no longer ship to the US. I guess that means that now is the time to pick up a set. 

I didn't realize that Merlin sold takeoffs; I don't have a problem with that and I don't really need the extra caps or driver, but I was factoring the 6-bolt rotor adapters into my numbers. The rotors on my stock wheelset aren't anything special, but they are 6-bolt and I was planning to use them until they needed replacement. 

I will definitely keep the G1800 in mind. The 1600's have a welded rim over the pinned/sleeved rim with the 1800's, but maybe that isn't a huge deal. I'm not overly concerned about having a quieter hub and the small amount of weight difference doesn't matter for much really.


I'm in the same boat as you. Can't decide on whether to purchase the g1800's or the gr1600's... ughh! Still looking for other options as well that are available here in the US or a UK website that ships free here to the US.
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