I'm tired of PF BB creaking and maintenance.

So far my very short list includes:

Santa Cruz Stigmata (2020)
Trek Domane (2020)


FWIW I'm shopping for a gravel bike which will be light enough I'll be able to use it on road rides by swapping out the wheels/tires.
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Trail Donkey frameset.
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Felt Breed, Ibis Hakka, Jamis Renegade.
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Domane and Stigmata seem like the two best suggestions I could come up with. Obviously one is more road focused and 'limited' to 38c tires while the other can clear a lot more, but isn't as road bike focused. Hard to go wrong with either one. The Domane has a much shorter reach than the Stigmata, so that might be a deciding factor depending on your fit.
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I  am wondering if your creak comes from somewhere else? I just completed the complete creak seek and destroy mission starting with the cursed and obvious push fit BB! Well that wasn't the problem; tightened chain ring bolts, greased chain ring bolts, greased seat post ( just in case), used spare wheelset in case it was the cassette or freehub, finally the shop sorted out it was the thru axle mounting hardware on the bike. Once again I have a lovely quiet bike with a nice new Kogel BB as a fringe benefit.

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I have a new Juliana Quincy which is the same as the SC Stigmata; no creaks. Great gravel bike.

But for a creaky PF30 you might want to try a Wheels Manufacturing replacement BB. I had one of these installed on a 2016 S-Works Epic MTB that was creaking like crazy. It's been silent since then.

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Rodeo Labs Flaanimal
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