Edward Brechka
I am looking to purchase a new gravel bike. Interested in a GT Grade, Breezer,
 Mongoose Selous/orFuji tread.
I am 5"10" with a 30" inseam. I currently ride a Cannondale Caadx in a size 54.
The bikes I've listed all have different top tube lengths, reach, etc.
I have heard that the Breezers run large thinking (52). Gt grade in a 53 or 55? Fuji tread 54?
Mongoose 52 or 54?
I would be purchasing online so I am not able to test fit bike.
Any suggestions on size? I was leaning toward the Fuji or Gt because I have Performance points
to use.
Interested in what size bikes people ride and their height.  Some say size down a frame size?
Ed B
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Risky business buying a bicycle without test riding.

For example: I really thought I wanted a particular bicycle, however after test riding
them I did not have a good fit and feel, something just did not feel right.

One frame size felt small and the other felt too big, sometimes the geometry of a particular bicycle just
doesn't work well.

Craigslist has many postings of practically new bicycles that didn't fit and/or feel right

No substitute for actually riding a bicycle before purchasing, IMHO

Remember, it's not a good deal if the bicycle doesn't fit and feel right
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