Up to now, on several gravel and CX bikes I've owned over the years, I would drop the pressure to where it was comfortable based on riding surface.  I've never had a pinch flat or issue.  However, I'm curious, how low can I go?

- My current CX bike (Felt F65X) has CxR3 Disc rims (Alex), and I thought I read somewhere they're 17mm wide 

- I use either 32mm gatorskins, or the stock 33mm Schwalbe's

- I'm 155 pounds

- I mostly ride rail trails, double-track ski trails; roads will have pot holes, but I don't ride singletrack (no rocks or roots)

I've used the gatorskins at 45psi, and they were fine, but would like to know if I can go a bit lower (without getting a flat through testing this out).
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