A. Has anybody had the chance to try out the new Merida Silex? Pretty interesting bike, with a geometry of its own - very tall stack, long reach, few spacers and a really short stem. Views or comments would be most helpful! I'm most interested in the Silex 300 - alu frame with spyre brakes and Apex x1. About $1450:

B. Has anybody out there heard about Momsens GP300? A South African gravel bike, alu frame with spyre brakes and Apex x1. Racing the remote gravel roads of Sweden on an African bike would be such a thrill. The price isn't bad. About $1100 without shipping:
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Merida- Huge headtube is comfy and opens up room for big frame bags.  I like it.

Momsens-  looks like what would happen if Target came out with a Next gravel bike.
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The silex looks intriguing.  Great tire clearance. 2.2" 650b?  Yes please. Stack isn't outrageous, reach seems fine with a short stem(but I have a long torso).  I don't think it's available in the US though.
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