Hi I am completely new to gravel racing.  I got a sweet deal on a Trek Boone Disc frame and would like to run my old 29er wheel set. () Bontrager XXX Race Lite TLR...Width: 24mm outer, 21 mm inner

Is it advisable to run this wheel set tubeless for gravel racing?
-If so, what tires would anyone recommend?  Trek says the max tire width on the Boone is 38c.

-If no, what wheel set is best for gravel racing?
I can't make sense of all the possible tire sizes and configurations, let alone a tubeless setup on a 29er wheel set. 
I'll be racing the Dairy Roubaix and Almonzo to start the season.

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Hi Josh,

You may want to post this topic under the Gravel "racing" specific forum also.

In the mean time,  I have researched this a lot over the last few years so, to save you a little "google time" until experienced "racers" reply here is what I have leaned as a gravel "rider" - tourer.

* The majority racers/riders - run psi in the 40's range.
* Depending on your weight many clincher/tube, 40mm tires can run in the 40's psi, on smooth'ish gravel with out pinch flats.  If your under 175 lbs you may be able to with 38's.  I am 175-180 and have run 38 file treads in the 40's psi.  
* The point is - if you can run addaquite psi with clincher & tubes why go tubeless?  And there is the 6 to one half dozen the other, no right answer that is soon typical with gravel.
* Flint - some say - it's gonna happen so why mess with the additional goo in a tubeless to just put a tube in
* From my "rider's/tourers" perspective =  I haven't went tubeless yet because = 1) I like to air up if I am riding country road pavement for extended or to get to dirt > except road sized tubeless tires (skinny) you can't do that beyond about 40-45psi with the 38-45mm , even 2" front I like to run (this from a phone call to Stans No Tubes).  Plus,  I can already get into the psi range the majority run and I concur from experience. 2) tires are to limited for me 3)  Unless you run the same terrain/gravel imo,  you just have to change tire size/style to much to mess with tube.  IMO you need at least to sets of tires to run in 3 combo's if not 3.  BUT -  I also run national forest/fire service roads a lot besides gravel-Pennsylvania Billy Goat dirt roads, along with country pavement.
*  If your young,strong,fit, full of piss & vinegar, can take the pounding and want to Win a race -  you may want to try some truly skinny for gravel tires tube-less which you would need "tube-less" to get into that range/psi on a light CX or endurance bicycle.  I understand and admire the "piss & vinegar " competitiveness of youth and cheer for it.  I was a wrestler through Jr. High - High School but in my 50's now = just enjoy being outdoors - go to the gym for workouts.  
Last thought -  I have followed gravel "racing" for a few years now.  The event your speaking of has gotten to be Pretty Big Smoke and "Big Smoke" draws in Big Gun riders = Lets face it - "big gun riders" = "it ain't the bike" or the wheels,tires,blah,blah ........nor more than it was which skates or stick Wayne Gretzky's the riders..........and they would very likely come in the top 5 on a 29er as well.........if not still flat out win when you see some of the time differances in some cases.
Enjoy the outdoors....
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It depends a bit on the size of the rocks/gravel. The number of true tubeless tires that are specifically geared toward gravel riding are still a bit limited. Specialized makes a 33 and 38mm version of their Trigger Pro 2Bliss tires that are file tread in the center and some small blocks on the outside. Last summer I ran the 33mm ones and found myself wanting to run a bit larger diameter so that I could run lower pressures. I then bought some 40mm Clement MSO X'Plor 120 TPI's  and ran then tubeless (they aren't designed for this) with some success and some problems, especially with the initial setup. So for this year, I got a set of the 38mm Specialized Trigger Pro 2Bliss tires. I hope to get them out for a ride this weekend, but they should be pretty much like the 33mm version I had previously.
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Walt Brown
I'm looking forward to your report. One of the bikes Im looking at has that very same tire in the 38mm.
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You should be fine running either tubeless ready tires or non-TLR tires on that. I've run Bontrager CX0s tubeless at 50psi (on a mixed pavement/gravel/mtn bike trails ride in Marin County). Obviously, YMMV. Setup in either case is pretty straightforward.

As for clearance on your bike, check out North Central Cyclery's post about it; you can run 700x40 without a problem:
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