Hi! I'm wondering how much clearance is safe between my tire and brake cable? My Specialized tricross would handle much bigger tire than my actual 35c but I just have like 3/4 of an inch as it is... I want to do a spring classic (Rasputitsa or Paris-to-Ancaster) so would bike to fit something bigger.

I could back to cantis but the braking was so bad (lots of vibration in the fork)...

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I would feel comfortable with that amount of clearance if it was my bike.

The brake shudder problem is not unique to the tricross. It is fairly common with cyclocross bikes/forks. Go to the any cyclocross forum on and you can read many threads on this topic.

The shudder is (most likely) caused by the fork flexing which slackens the cable, the fork rebounds which tightens the cable which causes the fork to flex which slackens the cable, etc. Placing the hanger lower reduces the shudder.

I use cantilever brakes with a fork mounted cable hanger. It completely eliminates brake shutter: https://www.amazon.com/Tektro-Front-Cable-Hanger-Black/dp/B006GHDRYC
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+1 on what Barrett says...  I just went to a fork mounted cable stop when I swapped a CF fork for the steel fork which came with the bike.  I also switched to the new Shimano canti's as the Avid Shorty6 had a tendency to squeal.  

IMO the short LP brakes work better than even the new Shimano canti but I have large hands and can get ample braking force.  My wife struggles with canti brakes as she never feels they provide sufficient stopping power.  

Just a thot on an expensive solution...
The new Shimano 11spd brake levers pull 50% more cable (12mm versus 8mm).  What this means is one should be able to go to a LP brake which has longer arms.  The early "mini-V" brakes had 80mm arms.   Tektro makes models with 80mm (926AL), 85mm (RX3), 90mm (RX6), 102mm (M730), and 110mm (855AL).

The cable pull for mini-V brakes is listed about 7mm and "standard" V brakes are around 15mm so the new Shimano brakes would work with an arm length in the middle (90mm to 102mm).  Here are some links with more info:



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+2 on Barrettscv.

I also have a Tricross. I switched from cantis to mini-Vs for better stopping power. Good stopping power, to be fair, but I barely had clearance for the rim, wheel changes were always a battle, and it seemed like I always had to re-adjust the brakes when it was done. Also, I never could get the damn things to stop squealing.

Went back to cantilevers, adjusted the position of the straddle cable hanger (raised it nearly as high as I could), and installed the fork mounted cable hanger on the front. Completely eliminated the judder, plenty of stopping power, and the brakes are silent. Wheel changes are a breeze.

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When I switched to TRP mini-vee, I installed two Shimano SM-CB90 inline adjuster and it made wheel changes, and brake adjustement really easy. I just bough a new carbon bike so my tricross will stay as it is for commute duty. But if I ever fancy going bake to canti to fit fenders or bigger tire, I will certainly use that fork mount cable hanger... Thanks
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