I'm looking for a training route that hits the more challenging sections of the 2019 DK200 course.  Ideally, it would hit Alta Vista, Eskridge and Alma, along much of the same path as last year.  Obviously, there would have to be a new section to connect the three.  I'm expecting the distance to be around 125 miles.  Strava routes, gpx files would be great.  Or, just ideas on where to do the lateral cutover between Alta Vista and Eskridge would help me piece together a good training route.


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There is really no direct way to get from Alta Vista to Eskridge, or vice versa, at least not on gravel.  About the only direct route would be to go south of Alta Vista about a mile and a half and turn right on Mormon Trail Rd.  Go east (4 miles) until it ends at Alt Vista Road and then follow that for several miles (9 miles) until it turns into Old K-4 Rd.  Keep going east for several miles (about 13) and turn left on Allen Rd.  Allen Rd. will take you north into Eskridge. use Google earth or maps to see what I'm taking about.  Good luck.  Your route is a great training route and is the most challenging sections for sure.  The rest of the DK ride is kinda boring. I'm just wondering if they are going to run the race up there again this year.  And it they do what will they change.  They do seem to be in a two year route cycle but it would be sure nice to see a new route every year.
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I can see Mormon trail rd and where it turns into Alta Vista rd, where it goes for 2 miles and turns into N rock creek rd, goes another mile or so and makes a right, goes another couple of miles and turns into Alta Vista rd (again), another mile and another left, where after a few more miles, turns into Old K4, which then hooks into last year's DK route, into Allen rd, etc.  

That looks like a pretty good to me.  Thanks for the info.

WRT to changing routes of DK every couple years.  Agreed that seems to be the pattern, which is why I'm assuming this year's will be the same as last.  Before that, we had the exact same southern route, through Madison (cp 1, cp3) and Eureka (cp2) for 3 years, and I was definitely ready for it to change.  
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