Apologies in advance if this has already been posted...  I've been searching for meaningful tests (as opposed to marketing info labeled as a "review") of sealants.  If you've found other tests and reviews, please share.  I'm especially interested if there are tests of some of the "home brew" sealants. site has a 2014 test using high pressure road tires. While this test is somewhat dated most of the big names are included.  One interesting observation, at least IMHO, is that sealants seem to work much better in latex tubes than butyl tubes.  A test on another site observed that sealants worked better without tubes. They found the hole in the tire would seal but the air would leak out of the tube and then exit around the rim or valve.

Part 1:

Part 2: comparison of Orange Seal "regular" versus "endurance" tested one brand of one sealant to see how much energy is used. Spoiler alert - not much! :-)
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