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I'm building up a gravel bike (an OPEN UP) and am seriously considering two wheelsets a 650b for rough stuff and a 700c for road stuff. Do the wheels need to be same brand? Can I have different brands if I use the same hub? Are there other considerations I should have? Any advice would be much appreciated. 

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I have run a lot of different wheels on my bike, so I have a bit of experience.  You do not need to use the same brand of wheels, however things work best when the hubs are the same brand.  The rotor position is the problem that will crop up if you are using different brand hubs and you will usually end up with the rotor rubbing when swapping wheels.  You don't want to have to realign the caliper every time you swap wheels.  The easiest way to deal with it is to use wheels with the same hubs, this eliminates the problem.  The other way is to use rotor spacers, these are easy to find for 6 bolt wheels, but they are available (though hard to find) for centerlock.  You need to figure out which wheelset puts the rotor out the farthest and then adjust the caliper to that rotor.  Then on the other wheel you add shims under the rotor until its position matches that of the first wheelset.  This usually takes a lot of test fitting so its kind of a tedious process where you have to keep taking off the rotor and adding more shims until you get it right.  My other piece of advice if you are using different brand hubs, is to make sure they use the same rotor interface.  In other works don't have one centerlock wheelset and the other be a 6 bolt wheelset.  I have found that centerlock and 6 bolt generally place the rotor in vastly different positions.


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@ljsmith thanks! That's exactly what I wanted to know. 
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To support ljsmith's point, do make sure you get the same hubs with the same disc mount.  I have 2 sets of the Stan's Grail wheels with Neo hubs.  One is 6 bolt, the other centerlock.  While it isn't so different I can't get the wheels in, they do rub and I need to recenter the calipers every time I change wheels.  Adds about 5 minutes every wheel change.
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Also be sure you have the same cassettes on both sets of wheels.  If you go with different gearing on each cassette you may end up with too tight or too loose of a chain depending on the gearing (largest cog) of your original cassette.  Too tight of a chain might not be an issue on second wheel set (meaning larger big cog) as long as you are careful not to cross chain.
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