This last Saturday, I rode the Open Range 200k Gravel Race on a set of 650x47 Elwoods run tubeless on HED Ardennes Plus wheels.  For those who don’t know, the Open Range offers a huge variety of surfaces — sand, dirt, fine gravel, crusher run, stone, red clay, and even some brick road. Rutted, eroded, unmaintained double track on literal open range is pretty prominent.  This year, the sand sections were especially deep and sugary. (On my first dab, my foot sank in the sand up above my ankle bone.). It’s a tough course — especially when combined with this year’s 20 to 45 mph winds.  

My experience with the Elwoods was excellent. They measured true to 47mm width. They mounted and sealed easily and stayed sealed. They took some steep climbs and harsh impacts without burping.  I never had any loss of traction around corners, as some describe.  On smooth sections, the Elwoods rolled really fast — only the raised center section touched the road.  In the rough stuff, they smoothed the ride and never lacked for traction.  I’m very impressed with these tires.  They are now my go-to choice for any challenging surfaces.  They were the perfect tire and perfect size for Saturday’s race.
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I've been running the Elwood Tough version in the 40mm size since last fall, and I'm happy with them. They measure out at about 41.5mm on my 20mm ID rims.
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I am going into my second season riding the Elwood Tough 47mm here in western Mass and southern Vermont. I ride them on all sorts of surfaces and conditions. I find them to be a great all around tire. At Rasputitsa this past weekend they did not disappoint.
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