Ordered what will be my first CX. I want to get a new set of wheels so I can have two for gravel/off road and the other for slicks. I'm not worried about the stock wheels on the pavement but once things get a bit rougher...I want to know that my wheels aren't going to leave me walking or calling for the SAG wagon (wife) to come pick me up. I weigh 280 at the moment but that will come down. By end of the summer I expect to be 250 or less. 

What are your rim recommendations for a heavy rider like myself? I was looking at the Stans Grails laced to some Hopes...or maybe even the Stans Arch or Flows. I just don't know how wide is too wide on a CX bike. I'm currently riding Flows laced to Hopes on my single speed mountain bike and they are great. Any other suggestions? They will be build at my local shop so I'm not looking for a pre-built wheelset.
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I weigh in at 235 lbs. and use Velocity A23's with no problem.  I have 2 sets, one with Ultegra hubs and the other with XT hubs and while not the lightest, they will last a very long time.
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