I got my SearchXR build finished in time for Stinky Spoke this year.  It was pretty soggy out there, so I decided to try some knobby 2.2" MTB tires (rather than the semi-slick WTB ByWay's, which can get squirmy in slimey mud).

The course is a mixture of about 50% Gravel, 45% Muddy single track, and 5% clean asphalt.

The bike worked great!  I wasn't as fast as some of the MTB'ers on the single track, but I sure did have some fun bombing down the hills in this thing.  

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Nice new rig, congrats!

I rode the Stinky Spoke this year on my 29er hardtail MTB with fairly wide tires. It sure helped on the loose and steep hills, but it was a sluggish disadvantage on the other 90% of the course.

The week after that ride I picked myself up a Norco Search XR Carbon (Ultegra build).
Converted the stock Clement X'Plor MSO 40c tires to tubeless and slapped on some water bottle cages.
Rode the Stinky Spoke course again with it. SO much faster.

It will never be this clean again...

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in the past, I've used my Salsa Cutthroat for Stinky Spoke.  This year I decided to take it easy on myself and I rode my Cannondale Scalpel.  The 46t dinner plate cog helped, and the full suspension helped with the steep step-downs.  😉

good fun, as always
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