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Nicely done short vid from Kitsbow and Niner on this year's Steamboat Ralleye:

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Here's the route:


Start in Fort Collins (5100 ft)
ride around Horsetooth to Masonville then up Stove Prairie to Buckhorn
Up Buckhorn (44H), get water at the ranger station
Over Pennock Pass (9100ft) to Pingree Park back down to Poudre Canyon (131 > 63E) (6900 ft)
Up the canyon (Hwy 14) to Glenn Echo store, get soft serve
Up Manhattan, up Boy Scout to Red Feather Lake (69 > 168 > 162)
Eat dinner at the Pot Belly
Ride up Deadmans (162) to North Fork Poudre Campground (9164 ft)


Continue over Deadman's (10,200ft) to FS 336
Cut over to Sand Creek (80C) then down to Laramie River Rd (7800 ft)
North to Laramie River Ranch (fly fishing dude ranch) for lunch (call ahead for a $15 sandwich)
North to Hohnholz Lakes, take FS 200 over the Medicine Bows (9700 ft)
Take something like FS 157 > 881 > 8A (Mendenhall) > 8, try not to get lost, don't trust your topos. (10,300ft at highest)
Pop out on Hwy 125, roll down to Walden (8000ft). Bowling alley is open late and has food. You can camp for free in City Park if you call City Hall (they'll turn off the lawn sprinklers for you). You can also take a shower at the city pool for a couple bucks and they supply all the soap, shampoo, and towels


12W > 18 > 5 > over Buffalo Pass (10,400 ft) to Steamboat Springs. Camp at the KOA in town, or if you still have something left in your legs climb up to one of the FS campgrounds.

Also, to give credit where credit is due, the ride was organized by Colin Pinney of Kelpie Cycles. I wouldn't say Niner or Kitsbow "sponsored" the ride, it was happening anyway and their presence was part of the good company.  

The Niner contingent actually started a day early and broke the first day in half, camping at Jack's Gulch on Pingree Park Road (63E). This isn't a bad idea as it gives you one major climb per day, instead of starting out the tour with two big climbs.

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Brian K. BikeRider
Thanks very much for the ride info and the clarification on the role of Kitsbow and Niner.  Looks like a tremendous event.
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