after long long thinking and read on gravel bike things I'm on the way to buy my first gravel bike in next 2 months. The budget is £1000. This basic Sequoia:
is on the budget, but the groupset and fork is very cheap.
I found this bike:
looks good on the first look.
So can you help me to find more bikes who meet these main requirements:
- frame which support through axle in front and rear /no need to be mounted, but supported/
Shimano 105 groupset
tyre clearance for tyres and wheels up to 650b x 42 mm or 700c x 40 mm minimum
- Di2 ready frame, or option to be added
- support Lauf Grit fork -
- weight around 10 kg for complete bike is very good
And optional requirements:
- internal cable routing
- down tube bottle holes
I see the new Norco 105/but clearance for tyres/ and Sequoia Elite/but these down tube cables/ but they are £1500..
I'm with the idea to buy basic bike with main requirements, and year after year adding fork, di2, hydraulic brakes, tubeless tires - but ride all the time. I'm from Bulgaria, so European market is prefered for me.
I can't get only frame and then create a bike, because this will take up to 2 years to complete it.

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I think that the Sonder might be the closest bike to check off as many boxes as possible. I do love my Sequoia, but the Sonder looks pretty sweet
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In the US try:  

Raleigh Williard


Diamondback Haanjo

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I own the Sonder Camino Titanium with Rival and could not recommend it more.  If you have the extra money, I would go with the Ti frame if possible.  It will last forever and you will never need to paint it. There is no better deal out there for a Ti gravel bike than the Camino.  The Sram Rival 1x is also a pleasure to use, simple and bullet proof.  I am sure the Aluminum frame is fine as well.  Alpkit gives a lot of value for the money.
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