as you may already know I run a gravelbikes.cc project where I test different bike part and whole bikes to find out how comfortable they really are. This time I got the chance to test a new 2020 carbon Specialized Diverge comp and I must say that for me, mostly thanks to a Future Shock suspension, this is one of the most comfortable stock gravel bikes you can buy right now. Seriously, it beat my benchmark bike which is a steel Jamis Renegade Exploit equipped with a Lauf Grit SL suspension fork and a Redshift suspension stem (only rear of the SPec is less comfortable but when you put an Ergon CF3 / Canyon VCLS 2.0 seatpost and a comfy saddle like a Brooks C17 it transforms to a great comfy all arounder).

The downsides?

The position on the bike is quite high (due to the Future Shock), and bottom bracket is hanging really low so pedals strikes are a common thing. And maybe... the lack of a Future Shock 2.0 (a more refined version of Spec's suspension this time with a hydraulic addition). Also, the 24 spokes DT wheels felt like a weak point, especially in terms of front of the bike (Future Shock makes you ride every pothole just to see where is the limit of its suspension and while the Future Shock itself works great, the wheel takes all the beating).


If you have any questions about this bike or my review please just ask me. I am happy to answer.




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Yep 85mm BB drop with 650x47 tires sounds like something I would hate.  
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Thanks for the review and link...I am riding a '19 Spec Diverge Comp and, thus far, really like it. I find the Future Shock sort of disappears for me until I get into some bumpy riding.  I also really like hte CgR seatpost and ride a Brooks C15 saddle I've had for a few years now.  Cheers

Ride on! [cool]
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I'm riding a 2019 comp (any change to the 2020s?) and I too think it's pretty comfy. Like the original post said, I mostly don't notice the FS, even when out of the saddle. Okay, if I get out of the saddle or lean really far forward to see if I can feel it, I can, but generally, I just don't even notice it--in a good way.

Agree one sits pretty upright in the bike, but my other bike is a '16 Roubaix, so it's not "that" different. I acknowledge the BB is low, but I haven't hit anything w/ pedal or chain rings yet. Then, I'm riding on dirt/gravel/chipseal more than singletrack.

On paved roads, my Strava times are pretty consistent on my usual routes, whether I'm on one bike or the other. Sometimes the Roubaix feels faster, but it doesn't seem to actually be faster by much if I'm the one pedaling.

I don't have a lot to compare it to, but to me, the CGR works pretty well. It's not a thudbuster or something, but ...
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Thanks for the review. I have to say that the future shock turns me off (as does any mechanical suspension on gravel bikes). As a mountain biker with serveral mountain bikes, I feel like have suspension covered. But I do wonder if this is the future. And I think Specialized does a great job overall.
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I have a 2019 with a boatload of road and off-road miles

1) Disappointed in the lack of tire clearance.  40ish with little extra room on 'average' wheels (like C38 or SLX24)

2) Low bottom bracket is excessive and borderline ludicrous.  This is compounded by some of the earlier models coming with a dropper post.  As if you could ride anything 'gnarly' that required a dropper, without scraping your bottom bracket and slamming your pedals


On the positive side, I will say that the Future Shock *does* do the trick, and the bike handles impressively well on fast gravel descents.  I did a semi-pimp job on mine, with C38 wheels, GRX Di2, and a Quarq power meter.  Good bike, but if I could get value for it, I'd sell it and just use my SuperX

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I could buy a 2019 comp Carbon with a very good price.
l'm 173 cm tall and 72.5 cm saddle height.
l've tried to do some measurement in a local shop,I think a 54 frame will be the correct size.52 look very small but I could also consider the smaller size with a longer stem.
There are two problems on sizing: 54 frame has a long  stack so   
the saddle- bar drop will be about 4-4.5 cm without spacers and mounting the lower headset cap.I could think to change the stem with a shorter 90 mm and -17 degree angle( on road bike I have about 9 cm)
Do you think the drop is good for a gravel bike?l would use the bike also as winter road bike,I'd like a gravel  more similar to a road bike.
The second question is about bottom bracket height:it's about 265 mm with 38 mm tire,it will drop to 255-256 mm with 28-30 mm road tire.Is it not too low also for a road use?
Thank you
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I too am 173cm--maybe 174cm if I stand up really straight. To me, the size 54 was perfect. I tried a 52, and thought "this is ok," but then I rode the 54 and immediately thought "no, THIS is right." Not sure how to comment on drop--others are more knowledgeable than I--but to me it "feels" right in a variety of pavement to very not-good road. I haven't ridden it single track. As far as the BB height--I've not yet had a problem in a couple months of riding, even on a couple rough stretches. If you are honestly going to do some really rough single track or some crit-style races, maybe it matters, but for pavement, gravel, dirt-roads, fire roads, etc, TO ME, it seems more than fine.
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