I got myself a Fuji Jari 1.5 this spring and have about 125 miles on it. I've noticed some creaking/clicking coming from what sounds like the bottom bracket. I'm not a mechanic at all. My understanding was that this is common in press fit BBs but mine is threaded. How do I get rid of the noise? 

Also, I noticed something this afternoon during a hard effort in the highest gear that may be completely normal. Like I said, I'm no mechanic. If I run at max wattage for a few seconds and then stop pedaling, the chain seems to keep going and it slaps a little bit. Is my chain too loose or is this normal?  
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It may be because chain is loose, So tight it with wrench OR some tool.
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A creaky bottom bracket is due to lack of lubrication, or its slightly loose.  This is a fairly common place for creaks, but it is usually easy to get rid of.  The cups need to be removed, the threads greased and then reinstalled preferably using a torque wrench to get it to the correct tightness.  For your chain issue it may help to shorten the chain using a chain tool, it cannot be tightened with a "wrench OR some tool". It may also be a stiff freehub, when you stop pedaling the freehub is stiff so it doesn't immediately freewheel.  Sometimes this can require lubrication, sometimes its just a bad design.  I had a set of Neuvation wheels years ago that did this, it annoyed me so much I got rid of them.
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Also check tightness and lube your pedals. Check seat bottom some have screws to tighten or it might be cracked.. Listen if it does it when braking could be the pads. 

I had creaks in all these places over the years. The BB was the loudest and in my case needed replacement.. Since your bike is still new ,I would take it back to the shop and let them go over it.
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Bike creaks and clicks are a common problem. Here is an excellent discussion of how to find and fix them from the boys at GCN: 
I like the GCN recommendation because it prioritizes all the sources and gives you a systematic approach to diagnosis.
Here is their drive train specific procedure:
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