Guitar Ted shared his thoughts recently on the Soma Gator Bar. 

"My initial reaction to the bar was that it had too deep of a drop. In fact, I have had this bar for over a year now sitting in the Lab, waiting for a suitable bike/set up to try it on. Every time I thought I could use it, I found that the extensions would end up so low that they would be unusable. Finally, I tried them on the resurrected Karate Monkey I have and the fit was......hmm.....okay? It was far better than anything else I had been able to try it on, so I thought I'd give it a go, despite its deep drop."

You can read the full post HERE.

Soma Gator 2.JPG 
Soma Gator.JPG 
Interestingly, there was some discussion in the comments and then what seems to be some sort of post in response to Guitar Ted's post by Soma HERE

Guitar Ted followed up his initial post about the bars, with THIS.

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