Hello. I'm interested in some light bike packing next year, 1-3 night excursions. But right now, I'd like to add a small handlebar bag for storing of quick-retrieve items, like my iPhone/camera, arms warmers, wallet, etc. (15-40 mile rides). I'm trying to consider a system to grow into. At least partially; i have no problem mixing and matching of brands in the end. For instance, using a Revelate Designs Egress handlebar bag now, to which could be added to a RD Harness/drybag combo in the future.

I also use a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt with its out-front mount, and have a headlight i pull out and use when needed. 

Does anybody have experience with small handlebar bags interfering with similar handlebar-mounted accessories, and which bags seem to do best? here's an example of three bags and their position and how it may interfere in varying degrees.

Clockwise from top left, Arkel Signature BB, Wanderlust Gear Piñon Pocket, and Revelate Designs Egress. It looks like the Revelate Designs Harness is actually positioned further out front and away from the handlebar, so the Egress would not be a problem in the future (or Pinion Pocket), but used solo...  The orange Arkel (top left) seems most problematic.

thanks for your thoughts!

eric/fresno, ca.
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Wahoo has another mount for stem or handlebar and, depending on your fork, the light might be mounted at the fork crown or on one of the legs. Also possible to install a front rack which would allow a bag to be mounted lower than the bar. And, last but not least, Jandd often has BOGO sales on frame bags which makes the cost very affordable and your gear would be easily accessible. Hope that helps.
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I use the Pinon Pocket for commuting, light bike packing and every day rides.  When used by itself, interference has not been an issue. The velcro loops in your attached picture (closest to the stem) are secured by a webbing strap on the back which allows for movement of the velcro in or out.  On my bike(s) the bag hangs a bit lower off the bars than represented in your pic. The bag is pretty versatile and can easily be swapped from bike to bike.   
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Jeb wrote:
And, last but not least, Jandd often has BOGO sales on frame bags

BOGO? what's BOGO???  i'm so out of the loop!!!  lol

BTW, i have this right now, so i'm covered with a frame pack. Lone Peak Wedgie...
I also have the small Wolf Tooth roll top bag, which carries a multitool, tire levers, an extra tube, bacon strips, and some zip ties/velcro ties. Mounted on the lower down tube water bottle bosses, for rarely needed stuff.

eric/fresno, ca.
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BOGO. Buy one get one free. I bought both my anywhere bottle bag and my frame pack this way so ended up paying approx. $20 for each item.
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Burrito bag, and if you want one, I have a new, unused for sale.  less that retail!
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I use the Revelate Egress solo on my fat bike and solo on my drop bar gravel/tour bike.  I have a lot of room to spread stuff out on the fat bike bars, so I use the Egress as designed there.  There is not as much room on the gravel bike due to where the bar tape ends, and the bell, and the light, and the HRM mount.  So, I mount the bag with the bar straps throught the D-rings that are meant to clip the shoulder strap to, which are farther apart.  This saves the room on the bar closer to the stem for the extras, plus lowers the bag so the light goes over the top of it.  Works great.  
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Like you I plan to do some light bikepacking on my drop-bar bike (Specialized Diverge e5 comp), which doesn't have much room on the handlebars since I have a small-frame bike. I'm using the "accessory bag" by Ortlieb. This "accessory bag" can be used alone or with an Ortlieb handlebar bag, which comes in different sizes; the small size is apparently best for drop bars. I don't have the handlebar bag yet, but the accessory bag is great, really well made, completely waterproof and flexible since it has a rolled closure system so that you can roll it down when you don't have much to carry, or really stuff it full. It holds a lot more than I expected. It comes with a sponge-like thing that you put between it and the head tube to give more space on the handlebars. But, it's expensive. I live in Europe where Ortlieb products are made, and it's even expensive here. https://www.ortlieb.com/us/products/bikepacking
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I love my Ornot Bar Bag https://www.ornotbike.com/collections/accessories/products/the-bar-bag.

Being quite stiff, I'll say that it can be hard to get at stuff at the bottom if it is really stuffed full. But the side pockets make up for that - they are optimized for easy smartphone access
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Have you considered a top tube bag? The reason I ask is that you're looking for quick retrieve items and top tube bags lend themselves to this - i often get snacks out of mine and put the wrappers back in. I often use it for lengthy day rides not just bikepacking trips. Various sizes available. I went through a lengthy bikepacking bag selection process and ended up with Apidura Expedition bar and saddle packs and Alpkit frame and top tube packs. Depending on the climate where you live and your appetite for bad weather then fully waterproof is an option and living in the UK and being a bit stupid I went that route because I often get wet. 
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Have you looked at an extension bar? They can be used to mount your accessories further up or out, or the handlebar bag can mount directly to the extension bar, and the bar can be rotated to give your accessories clearance. This is a representative sample, but there are other sizes and styles available: https://www.ebay.com/itm/GUB-MTB-Bike-Aluminum-Alloy-Handlebar-Extension-Mount-Carbon-Fiber-Extender-US-/283140073095?hash=item41ec76a687
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Thanks everyone! I've found there is a near-dizzying array of choices when it comes to bar bags and storage options these days.

The Ornot was on my list, as well as many others including Outershell's Drawstring Handlebar bag (i found at least 3 cottage industry makers just in the Bay Area, my home state, which was nice too, and my buddy just received the Outershell bag), plus Wanderlust's Pinon Pocket (great email correspondence from WLG). Ortlieb's Ultimate 6 model as well as the nicely priced Banjo Bros QR bag both offered a nice out-there spacing with their mounts and QR, plus cue sheet holder, which seemed cool overall. For full waterprooofness, the Ortlieb accessory pocket could stand on its own as well as attach to a drybag roll for future bikepacking shenanigans. I could see myself buying another bag, just to mix things up a bit, maybe combine with my buddy, and together amass a few bags for our own online video review... just for kicks.

And I had considered one of those extension gizmos to separate the GPS/headlamp from the bag mounting, but in the end decided to keep it more streamlined.

After receiving an REI gift card from mom for Xmas, that narrowed it down to the Ortlieb Ultimate 6, Ortlieb accessory pocket, and the Revelate Designs Yakataga or Egress. RD suggested the Yakataga would NOT be easy to access while riding because of the heavy duty near wetsuit like waterproof zipper. So I went with the Egress, mainly because i liked its looks and it was there in the store, no waiting for delivery. So basically, it was free. Thanks, Mom!

Now, use of the GPS/headlight was a concern. Many bags seemed to conflict with the mount. Without going to an extension bar mount, i tried to envision how they would work. Plus some email exchanges with companies like Outershell, RD, and Wanderlust Gear. I was also hoping to find something which i could access while riding. I don't race, so in the end, i determined the one item i would want quick access to would be my iPhone for photos. And i also decided using a jersey back pocket or the frame bag would suffice.

The Egress holds a surprising amount of stuff. I had arm warmers, a windjacket, banana, wallet, and extra gloves, and it all fit fine. You cannot access it while riding of course, with the roll top, but i find that's ok. My buddy and i take a lot of breaks on rides and there's plenty of time to unroll the Egress for things I really need. We don't really race (by the way, I'm finding a lack of 30-50 mile gravel RIDES, they all seem to be races from 50-100 miles! lol).

Here is my current setup.
My Wahoo Bolt is not tightened down all the way. With sufficient pressure, I can tilt it up to gain more clearance, but even that is not necessary. Outershell's bag is a really nice quality product, but its main feature, that drawcord that wraps around for stem, would conflict too much for my liking with the Bolt. My buddy is experiencing that right now.

The two main bags, Lone Peak Wedgie half-frame bag, and Revelate Designs Egress.

A third bag, Wolf Tooth Component's Roll-top Bag, is used on the bottom for stuff i rarely access. Small multitool, extra tube (for friends who still rides with tubes), tubeless repair kit, extra zip-ties and a couple of velcro straps). I used to be a Boy Scout 

And that's it. For now. The Egress will work fine when I'm ready to move to RD's Harness for bikepacking.

Thanks for everyone's help and advice. There are many paths to take in outfitting a bike. Hopefully this will work for now.

eric/fresno, ca.
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