Good morning everyone,

Just wanted to share my new ride for gravel/singletrack.  Spent most of the winter building it up and got a few great gravel rides in before my right knee decided to explode!  Now it is 6 weeks off!  Anyway, I already had a mountain wheelset so i decided to build up another set for a little narrower tire for gravel/b road hauling.  So far works fantastic, but haven't hit trails yet as we still had snow coverage until just recently.  I am curious on how the set up works on the trail.  I won't go into all the build details as they are mostly obvious.  The only thing that was wonky was setting up the 10 speed as i received the wrong set of microshift bar end shifters and it was too late to return them so i had to find an XT 9 speed rear mech. to have the same cable pull since the shifters are road 10 speed.  Works great now.  Let me know if you have any questions and i will shoot back.
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Very nice build
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Very nice. I would like to hear your thoughts after you get a few rides in. I have a Singular Swift that is a great bike and was thinking about setting it up with some drop bars.
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