Bought these tires *pics attached* and used them 2 times before I realized I wanted to get wider tires. No issues, great condition, tubeless ready (I cleaned them out super well so no sealant left in them, just a little dried up stuff which is normal). Bought them for $55 per tire (110 dollars total). Offering $60 for both. Shipping flat $12 w/in USA. AWESOME gravel/cross tires. Smooth rolling on roads, hard gravel, mud and everything in between.

Thanks! Please comment here if interested! 

61955721_10156227268767791_7678491288533991424_n.jpg  62050143_10156227268697791_934086933691236352_o.jpg  62102869_10156227268727791_4787431609118752768_o.jpg  62131705_10156227268802791_1940301877409218560_n.jpg 
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I probably would be interested for $55 if you don't get the $60 for them.

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