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Just fitted the G-One 35mm on a Grail rim. Popped on easily. See
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Reporter wrote:

Many thanks.
Just ordered the wheels. I will report how the G-One seat in the R32.

Hi. G-One seats easily in the R32. No issues.
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Hitchhiker wrote:
I vote Dr. Spoke as the tire mounting expert. I have never been able to mount/install any tubeless tires without some form of high pressure forced air,  like CO2 or an air compressor.  
Hutchinson Sector 28s on Pacenti SL25 rims were very easy to do. Easy to get onto rim and a couple of strokes from a floor pump and on they popped. Exactly how it should be.

Getting them off was another matter. It took some effort to pop tyre off the bead, which I've never come across before on many other tyre/rim combos. But on the upside, no chance of tyre burping which I've done maybe once a year or less on my mountain bike [Specialized 1.8 tyres/Shimano 26" XT rims] and always at very low speed.

Getting my Nanos onto my Roval or Pacenti rims however. Now that was a challenge. I needed a tyre lever to even get the first bead in. Don't usually need one to get tyres on or off and getting the second bead in was seriously hard work. Sadly they did need a compressor to pop bead onto rim, the second one being a lot faffier than the first to inflate as well.

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Thought I would chime in again about my most recent experience with my 622-35  G-Ones I have a set front and rear with almost 1000 miles on them. As mentioned before they are a bi*ch(The B word was censored LOL) to take off of my stock rims which are TL ready. 

During my regular ride on mixed surface paved and shell gravel with some rooty single track mixed in, nothing major, a nice easy cruise thru the woods. 
I was almost back to my car on this trail doing around 10mph or so and pfffttt flap flap flap. A flat boo hisss. I walked it to the car and took it home to fix.

Again trying to break the bead is a major hassle, no grips or clamps would work. I sprayed some WD40  around the bead and worked it in and it finally popped after about 20 minutes of massaging it. Not sure if wd helped or not. 

My homebrew sealant was gone but tire was still wet. I pumped it up and found the leak which was caused by a piece of shell shaped like a mini arrowhead. This created a slice about a 1/4 inch long. 

This is the rear tire and it is starting to show some wear by the way. 
So I took it off the rim, hosed it off and cleaned it up then checked the casing only to find two more holes the sealant plugged up. Little buttons of rubber formed on the inside. I scraped them clean and put a park tool super patch on all three from the inside aired them up and it held air and I then put some sealant back in. 

I like these tires a bunch for mixed riding because they are pretty fast on hard pack ok in sand but I wouldn't take them into the boonies because of them being so hard to un-mount and after having three casing breaches. 

I might try the Clenment MSO in 36 and put one on the back and leave the front with the G-one when the rear wears down or I start getting more failures. 

Compared to what I see being ridden my terrain is pretty light comparatively speaking.
Any others experience flats with these?
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I am a big fan of the G-Ones, at least how they ride.  Setting them up is very easy.  But today I went to take one of of a Crossmax UST rim, and the bead was locked on there like I have never seen.  Tire levers could not budge it.  I had to put on gloves, stand on the rim and pull like crazy to get the bead to unseat.  On the one hand I know I will never need to worry about burps no matter how low a pressure I run, but if I get a flat that sealant won't seal its going to be a real pain to get that bead off on the side of the trail/road.
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I'm really liking the Clement mso 36's, They have better puncture protection, grip,  and give peace of mind if need to be changed out on site. A little bit heavier but not noticeable under 19mph. A good alternative to the g-ones
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After 2,000 miles the G-One's are toast. Also a pain to re-seat once the glue has settled in. About to set them on fire.
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I hope my G-Ones last 2,000 miles, the Gravel Kings were toast after about 1,500 miles. I have about 400 miles on the G-Ones, and the rear is starting to show some pretty decent wear.
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