The title pretty much sums it up: the G-1 Bite now comes in a 700x50 size.

I think that’s a great idea. First of all, 700x50 is bit of a rare size. Granted, it’s even more rare to have a bike frame that fits them, but if yours does(or you are downsizing on a drop bar mtb) it’s nice to have some more options.
On the other hand, there are plenty of forks that fit 700x50.

Schwalbe tends to have good manufacturing tolernaces and fast rolling rubber, so I’m excited to see an addition like this. Could be great for sandy rides with smooth gravel.

The G1 speed already came in this size, so nice to have something a bit more grippy too.
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They just have an incredible range of tread and sizes for the G-One series.  I use their 700x50 Furious Fred on the front (when needed) and that is just a crazy fast, supple, light, low resistance tire.    
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