Is anyone else running these as road and gravel tires?

Curious to hear people's experiences. I am testing Jan Heine's idea that fatter just keeps getting faster.

I can't tell if these are supple enough for speed on pavement. Running them at 15 psi might be too low. But a good tradeoff on days with lots of rocks.
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For 2017 I believe that tire has been renamed the G-One Speed and prior was called the Big One.  Per this test the tire is super fast.  The 700C X 30 version was ridden to 5th place in Paris Roubaix by Sylvain Chavanel.
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I just mounted up a pair last night (since there are sites having the "big one" for half off).  Seem to be quite fast on the road - meaning easy riding and low effort below 15mph (where there size doesn't hurt too much).  They are huge, so at the right pressure should be cushy off road, sand, and single track.   We'll see...
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