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Went from a follower here to a race director!  Two special-AF rides coming up in Utah this year, the Salty Lizard on May 16th and the Stupid Pony on October 2nd.  They're the brainchildren of Salty & Stupid Cycling, which is dedicated to fun, affordable rides in the West Desert of Utah.  Both rides donate a portion of their proceeds to the schools of Wendover and Ibapah and there are buttons on the registration form to donate as well.  Descriptions below the pretty picture.

dirt road to Pilot north.png 

The inaugural Salty Lizard 100 is an imperial gravel century with additional 42-, and 62-mile options on the Silver Mountains Scenic Back Country Byway just north of Wendover, UT.  The course is bonkers pretty and fast fast fast fast.  Winding through the desert under Pilot Peak, the course has pretty much every kind of gravel known to man: sharp, loose, hardpack, sand, exposed bedrock.  About 3k ft elevation over the whole thing.  A GREAT course for anyone who wants to try their first gravel century or whoever wants to ride a course for the fast guys.  Doing age group categories and a bonus singlespeed category.  Check it out here:

Screenshot 2019-11-17 10.11.25.png 

The Stupid Pony's entering its second year.  Aiming to make ultraendurance accessible (lol), the Stupid Pony is a 200+ mile race/ride/thing/whatever-stop-asking across the West Desert on the Pony Express Trail from the SLC metro area to Wendover, UT.  Mostly self-supported, the course stretches across a half dozen mountain ranges and valleys and will absolutely test your ability to stay sane.  There are a couple aid stations and a SAG vehicle and that's about it.  The winners (M, W, and SS) get a used t-shirt each.  Transportation back to Wendover's provided for a wee extra ($40 entry + $20 for a ride) and shelter at the end is provided in the Wendover Airfield Museum where bomber crews trained to deliver the atomic bomb in WWII.  "Website" is here and check out the 2019 write up in Gravel Cyclist here
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