Dear Salsa Rider,

We are issuing this safety notice for select Salsa Cutthroat Carbon Deluxe V2 and Cutthroat Carbon V2 forks that were equipped on Cutthroat complete bikes and delivered to retailers between September 2019 and the present.

We have received a few reports of these forks cracking and breaking, which can cause a crash and serious injury to the rider.

The affected Cutthroat Carbon Deluxe V2 and Cutthroat Carbon V2 Forks are identifiable by their serial number, which is visible when the fork is removed from the frame. Fork serial numbers with a middle portion containing either “CCAPG” or “CCCPG” are in the affected production range and subject to this safety notice.  Forks with other serial numbers are not affected or included in this safety notice. Cutthroat forks that are not in the affected production range meet our production and testing standards and you may continue to ride them. 

Rider safety is our greatest concern. Here’s what you should do to identify whether your fork is affected:

  • Please immediately contact your Salsa Authorized Retailer so they can inspect the serial number on your Salsa Cutthroat V2 fork.
  • If you are not able to bring your bike or fork into a Salsa Authorized Retailer for inspection, please click here for instructions on how to identify your fork’s serial number.
  • If you have an affected Cutthroat fork, please stop riding the bike until further notice from Salsa or your Salsa Authorized Retailer.

We are working to resolve this issue and get you back on your Cutthroat quickly and safely. We will keep you updated on our progress toward that goal in the next two weeks.

Additionally, we are working with the Consumer Products Safety Commission and Health Canada to conduct a formal voluntary recall, which will be announced in the near future.  

We are truly sorry for this situation and thankful for your patience. We know you’d rather be riding your bike, and we will do our best to minimize your inconvenience.

For questions, please contact Salsa Support at support@salsacycles.com or 877-668-6223.

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