There's plenty of gravel around Madison and one sweet aspect is cyclocross community and endurance riders all board members and leaders on the CORP IMBA chapter. This is support via land managers, we pay for city maintenance of a cyclocross site, and have off road events.

Around Madison is a pretty big net. The CORP IMBA chapter goes east to Jefferson County and incircles Baraboo and what some consider start of the western part of the state. Stay tuned for what will probably be a really sweet county park development in Sauk County. Add our associates that have made all manner of riding part of the Sauk Prairie Rec Area master plan. Support CORP if you like riding off road.

At the moment there are some new ideas being kicked around for the 2018 B.A.L.L.S. ride.

One of our associates does this ride that's coming up. Some cyclocross and fat bike riding associates have enjoyed it. I'm too much of a gravity, flow, and fly junkie to have done it. That might change with interest in completing a 100 or more mi off road ride.

The site has a calendar of events and the trail conditions page includes the cyclocross areas.
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