Rain Panther
Hey everybody,

I'm helping my buddy plan his second annual Portland to Astoria birthday bike camping trip, and hoping someone out there can hit me with some knowledge.

Last year it was a 2 day ride with an overnight stay at Camp Wilkerson, out in the Forest Grove State Forest. Day 1 was pretty great (rode up the 30 to Scappoose, then NW on the Crown Zellerbach trail, plus some logging roads to Wilkerson). Unfortunately, Day 2 was less great (Hwy 47 to Hwy 202, all the way to Astoria). 

This year, we're looking for an alternate route that'll keep us off those highways at least some of the time. I've built a couple of possible routes, but couldn't find anything that'd already been explored/endorsed by previous riders. 

This one was an attempt at a somewhat direct route NW through Clatsop State Forest:
image (1).png 
And for this one I veered out to the west of Hwy 202, passing by Saddle Mountain:

image (2).pngAnybody out there have any insight into any part of either route? Or, better yet, firsthand knowledge of a recommended route from Camp Wilkerson (or Mist, or Pittsburg, or Birkenfeld, or Neverstill, or Jewell)??

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