If you have any questions, comments, pre or post ride pictures or reports, post them on this thread.

The Ride

  • A scenic tour through the country roads of Geauga County.
  • Cyclocross, Mountain, Single-Speed, Fixed gear, Fatbikes and tandem bicycles are welcome.  Road bikes will not be well-suited for this course.
  • The course is will be marked prior to the event and maps will be available. Course marshals will NOT be at every corner or intersection, rules of the road apply!
  • The course will NOT be closed to traffic and does not have a rolling escort. Cycling rules of the road apply, i.e. stop at all stop signs, yield to cars, no more than 2 riders abreast and do not cross yellow center line. Please do not litter.
  • A sag vehicle will be on course to help out riders.

The Location

  • The registration, start and finish will all take place at-

Swine Creek Reservation, 16004 Hayes Road, Middlefield, OH 44062 

Who is this for?

  • Cyclists of all kinds and performance levels (no license required) that want to start their season with a real challenge and experience the scenery of Amish country while avoiding the steaming road apples.Geauga County is the closest Amish Community to Cleveland, Ohio. With an Amish population of just over 14,000 it is the 4th largest Amish settlement in the world.

What else is included?


  • Course maps and marked course
  • Aid station along the route
  • The very coveted custom Road Apple Roubaix coffee/ beer mug will be included in your entry fee
  • Post-race food and drink party
  • All entries will receive one free ticket to the raffle which will be held at 2PM. Additional raffle tickets can be purchased prior to the drawing on bike  Raffle proceeds will be donated to  the Cleveland Velodrome.  Raffle items will include these awesome prizes from our generous sponsors.
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What type of weather will you be expecting for this? February 21st = snow on the roads?
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gravel_rider wrote:
What type of weather will you be expecting for this? February 21st = snow on the roads?


Snow, ice, mud, dry fast roads. Any are possible.

I'd say best chance is packed snow on the gravel roads with lots of salt on the paved. The buggy path will probably have snow.
Next best chance is plenty of mud. The gravel roads are pretty solid so the mud shouldn't be deep but could be very messy and a little slimy on top.

This is based on growing up in the area. Figure Cleveland weather with about 50% more snow [smile]


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IMG_6884.jpg   Anyone signing up for a gravel race located in the Ohio Snowbelt in February better expect some snow.  It was a brutal 42 miles on my singlespeed.
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Impressive doing that on a cyclecross, especially SS. [smile]
This was definitely one for the fat bikes.
I cut it short and did 30 on my Pugsley and even I was wishing I had more aggressive tires instead of my nearly bald Endomorphs.

However I did not see any gravel and only 1 pile of road apples. I guess there were all buried [smile]


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