So, I admit, I am a bit of a crusty ole coot, and have to be proven the benefits of the new in our discipline.  Marketing is for kindergarteners and just because its pretty and flashy, doesn't sell me.  I have a Bianchi Cross concept that I run on gravel that has served me well, mini v brakes, pacenti rims, light drivetrain and its pretty light at a hair under 19lb.

My hesitation on the new gravel bikes is the 'you gotta have disc' brakes and most wheelsets are far behind the curve of my expectations for a good bombproof wheelset like my pacenti SL23 at 1550gms.

And my other hesitation is the geometry of the new gravel bikes just seem too slack and too relaxed IMHO.  Perhaps thats my flavor, true.  My flavor is I want a similar gravel bike as my road bike...just that I have 38-40mm tyres on her, and that is simply the only difference.  Gearing a bit taller, but that is really it.  Most chew the fat on the 'BB drop' and all that and I wholeheartedly agree with the thread recently discussing the reality that it is nominal at best the change in BB for most of us.

So, then I was glazing over the Ritchey Outback....and mother of all living goodness, this thing really grabs my attention.  70mm BB drop, 72/74* angles, a bit more stack, traditional reach, darn near my road geometry, yes disc but his WCS zeta carbon disc hoops are at think I am all in on this rig given my adding up the drive train and contact point goodies that I may get this thing in at ~18.5lbs.

So, what are your thoughts on the Ritchey Outback, anyone had experience yet???
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Super interested to hear any impressions myself. I am strongly considering one of these, or a Carver Ti Gravel Grinder. My only hesitance is the longer reach than I am used to on the Ritchey, not sure if I should just go with a 70mm stem or get used to the long and low. The few reviews I have read describe a wonderful ride quality, which is what I want, both on road and off. Please chime in anyone who has ridden one! 
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