I just had a gravel bike built up, and I am having a problem with the tubeless wheels holding air, they basically go down to 20psi very fast.
I am taking them back to the bike shop today to have them figure out what the problem is but in reality I do not think they will take the time to trouble shoot it properly and figure out the problem.
I am going away on Monday for a month and was planing to take my bike with me, so my question is how do gravel bikes ride with tubes in them? should I still bring my bike and just ride them with tubes, or just forget it and deal with it when I get back?
I also have a road bike so it isn't like I wont get to ride for a month.
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To troubleshoot - you can spay the wheel with bubbly water, or even stick the rim (not the hub!) under water to see where it is leaking from.   Typically it is leaking from the valve area.  

But, nothing wrong with riding with tubes in your tire.  Nothing at all - just beware of pinch flats if you are doing gravel.   Bring the bike and ride with tubes if it isn't resolved.
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