I thought I'd throw up a quick review for anyone local who wasn't there and wonders what this ride was like. 
In a word, it was great. I don't know anything about Brad, other than he puts on a good ride. 
Everything was well organized when I got there. Parking was easy to find. Registration went well. The number plate was pro-quality, and the cue sheet was really well done.
Rollout was pretty much exactly on time at 8am. Kudos for that! 
There were three routes - 16, 36, and 57 miles. That's a nice touch, for people who just want a nice easy ride and don't necessarily want to go the whole distance. 
After about 30 miles the route was marked with arrows on the road. Maybe there were some earlier and I just didn't notice? But in the early stages you can pretty much always follow someone or at least follow the tire tracks. So the arrows were an extra nice touch for the last half of the ride, when you're getting tired and don't mind a little extra confidence that you're going the right way.
I have to put in one criticism of the ride. It's just a personal preference thing, but I wasn't thrilled with how much pavement there was on the route. I know that connecting good gravel roads sometimes means a little pavement transit. And the gravel roads were definitely good, so I can't really complain (but apparently I can). I will absolutely be back next time for a second ride, if there is one. No matter how much or little pavement there is. 

So - great roads, great organizer, close to the metro area. Highly recommended.

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