I have a Carbonda cfr505 gravel bike and really do like it. I was checking out electric bikes and found the Ribble one which I don't like because it's aluminum and stumbled across this.

This seems like a heck of a deal. Does anybody have one? I'm considering selling my Carbonda and buying this.

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The Analoge CGR gets great reviews in one of those brittish sites.

Generally in an ebike, when you pay more money you are getting a good mid drive system, and a good battery.

This bike has a hub motor (lighter, cheaper, less maintenance, but worse weight distribution and motor can't take advantage of your gears).  I would probably go for something like a Canyon e:Endurance with a slick Fazua drive system given the choice - or even the Canyon Grail - although the motor and battery (and tires) are overkill for my riding - it would blow away this Ribble.  

The other thing is the tiny 10s2p battery (36v 250watt/hr) battery is tiny.  Its good for maybe 30 minutes run time at full power, although obviously if you turn down the power and let your legs do more work, it will last longer.

I built a bike like this 7 years ago.  Its fun, and I love it (I ride it about 10% of the time).

I have a 10s2p battery I use as a range extender.  my main battery lasts about an hour, so the small "range extender" battery gives me about 1.5 hours.  For me, a small hub motor is great - keeps things light weight.  But if you live in a hilly area (i.e. where you will be going below 10mph for more than 5 minutes climbing a hill), you need a mid drive motor.   

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Hey, that's some fantastic information and the kind of answers I was looking for. I suffer from back trouble and am not able to ride as long as I used to. That has led to getting out of shape and putting on weight. I live in an area where climbs can be miles long. I did notice their ad says even with the extra battery you'll only get 2 hours of ride time assisted.
That's fine but I don't want to give up a water bottle space for an extra battery. I'd also like to do the mountain centuries with my friends I no longer ride with. I'll check out the bikes you mentioned.
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Ribble do have a good reputation, though. My first "proper bike", 23 years ago, was a custom Ribble; I loved it (definitely not an ebike though).

If you find another Ribble which has the battery life you want, it would definitely be a good option!
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