This has probably been covered. My apologies if it has.... 

I have a road bike with a really nice kit and Red eTap. It RARELY gets used since I have found gravel. I am ready to upgrade my gravel rig. Buying/building a bike with GRX or AXS is ideal. But probably out of budget. I am looking for feedback on using my Red eTap. Drawbacks seem to be not having a clutch, replacement price, and cassette size with a non WiFli rear mech. Although I think that I can solve the gearing issue by going super compact on my chainrings and maybe using a wolftooth  roadlink to increase the cassette size if need be. Any feedback from eTap gravel users or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 
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I'm using the old eTap on gravel. Mine is with WiFli cage, so I can use up to 36t cassete without roadlink. This is Leonardi 9-36:


With roadlink it works fine with 10-42 SRAM.

Chain has dropped only once during fast downhill with pedalling. I've changed a  chaninrig to Garbaruk with bigger teeths, since that no problem. But you will need a  chainstay protection cause of no clutch.
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Fantastic information! Thank you @ArcherArcher  for the feed back. 
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