I did a gravel race on a borrowed giant gravel bike last year and now i totally understand the appeal behind racing on gravel. It was a really good time, with some really neat people. I personally don't really care for DF bikes so I thought I would put together a recumbent that i hope will do a pretty job navigating the gravel in my area.

I stripped down my current recumbent and took the carbon stuff off of it for the new gravel rig. I decided on a bacchetta giro 20 frame. Having the bottom bracket lower really helps my confidence on rough roads. For tires i went with a 700x35 gravel king sk on the rear and an 1 3/8-451 small block 8 on the front. Not many options for wide tires in the 451 size. Down the road i might need to switch to a 406 size so i can have some wider tire options. The good thing is that my frame and fork will take up to a 2" tire, so i do have some options there.

I only have about 15 miles on it but so far so good. Its great on pavement. I have only tested it on a rail trail so far. That went pretty good but the tires picked up a lot of the small gravel and hit me on the back of the head. lol. I did not have a rear bag on at the time. I should probably put a fender on it but i think it will be ok once i get a bag back on the rear.

Anyway just thought i would share my project. Looking forward to warm weather and getting to put in some actual miles. This zwift stuff is ok but its no replacement for being outside. IMG_0325.jpg 
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