I do an early morning ride from my shop most Sundays, we roll out at 6:30 and do about two hours of riding, mostly paved with some dirt, brick, double track, etc, whatever interesting is within striking distance of the shop.  Last weekend we did the forgotten bridge loop: one closed road that goes across a bridge you can easily ride, and one where you have to hike-a-bike across a creek 'cause the bridge collapsed.

And these are from yesterday evening in Augusta, riding from downtown.

Southern Wheelworks
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These are beautiful pics!
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More from recent rides.

I didn't take these next three.  That's me in the green jersey and white helmet with the stupid yellow and black bar tape.

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Spent Friday morning on my bike and did a great 50 mile loop from Juliette, GA to Monticello, GA and back.

Rolled out just before 7am

Pit stop at the Vanilla Bean Cafe.  When I got to the counter to pay for my stuff the lady working the register said, "you're good to go, someone took care of it and said to tell the bicyclist welcome to Monticello.".  Nice!

Not sure what happened to this little guy, but I don't suspect it ended well.

Little creek crossing.

Bigger creek crossing.


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