I’ve been reading threads and gathering opinions on what my summer “fat” gravel tire will be.

I’ve pretty much settled on the Rambler tubeless. It should cover a lot of the situations I might find myself in, roll well enough and is light enough my weak legs can spin them up.

I’ve been really eyeballing the Compass Steliacom standard casing though. Tan sidewalls. Supple and unique. I’m not about to sacrifice speed for looks though. How is the Compass on the hard pack dirt roads and even pavement transits vs the Rambler?
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you are comparing a dirt tire to a mud tire.  

I have the ramblers - they don't lack on any front for me, except for mud (where they are better than a slick, but not too much better).  The "knobs" on the Rambler are about 2mm deep.  Shallow enough that it corners like a road tire.  

I made the mistake a few days ago of cornering on a cross tire like it was a rambler - the cross tire let go and I went down (that is the problem of cornering on knobs).  

I don't see any drawbacks to either of those 2 tires, other than the sellecom will be better in wet off road conditions, and may wear better.
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My wife runs Ramblers for dirt, that I have ridden as well... she loves them.  I'd echo Chas's comments that they don't lack for much, depending on what you like/the type of terrain you typically find yourself on.  

That said.... if you want to run tubeless the Ramblers are, from my perspective, are a no brainer.  

Everyone I know who runs Compass tires tubeless has had issues. These issues range from minor (perpetually weeping sidewalls and lost air) to major (burping and blow-offs).  The bottom line is that Jan (compass) is not really a tubeless guy and either hasn't perfected what he wants from Panaracer or...  what he wants/orders from Panaracer doesn't really lend itself to being tubeless... (which he kinda maybe gently seems to be saying on his blog).  Maybe the Stellacom is different, but seems like a pricey gamble if you know you want a solid tubeless set up.  

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My $.02: Have ridden Ramblers tubeless. Good all-around gravel tire. No direct experience with Stiela Comp; but a lot of experience with Bob Jon's - similar casing with smooth tread. If durability and ease of tubeless set up is your goal, then the Ramblers win IMHO. But the Stiela's may be faster, and better in true muddy conditions. If you do chose the Stiela's, and you plan to install them tubeless, then I would recommend the standard casing instead of the extra light. Also be prepared for some hassle to get them sealed. The sidewall's will leak for awhile until the micro pin holes in the casing seal up. I do like Compass tires; but I think that they are better installed with tubes; rather than tubeless. That being said, I think that my Bon Jon's with latex tubes were the fastest gravel tire I've ridden.
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My $.02: Have ridden Ramblers tubeless. Good all-around gravel tire. No direct experience with Stiela Comp

Same here.  I'm on my 3rd set of Ramblers and really like them for my more desert-like trails.  Still no flats on any of the sets.  Speaking of weeping.....

These pics were taken about two months ago.  Plenty of tread left; great ride & traction qualities; even with the weeps, they rarely loose more than 5 psi week to week.  Definitely not the look I'd like but so far, they still ride like tubeless tires without weeps.



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Ramblers in 40c on order! Thanks everyone!
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