Does anyone know off-hand if a Salsa Vaya QR can be converted to thru-axle with a Salsa Adapter. I checked the Salsa page and (I) am unable to figure it out. I Googled it and not getting any definitive answers..Yes, bikes at times confuse me..


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Are the dropouts removable or are they welded into/part of the frame?
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Thanks for responding..They are welded in and part of the frame. I checked the Salsa web page and I believe only the Vaya travel version can be converted. 


Rich B
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I'm not sure if you can get them, but if you *need* through axle (I did) the Advocate Lorax is almost the same bike.  The Otso Warakin is also close and all were designed by Tim Krueger.
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Its not an exact solution, but a significant improvement over QR all together in terms of stiffness.

When I built up my Pacenti SL25 for my Boone Disc 5 I picked up on Ebay I bought hubs from BHS (Bikehubstore) and one of the options with the Bitex hubs was a 9mm and 10mm thru-axle end caps that work perfectly with DT Swiss's RWS Thru-bolts.

They function and look exactly like a Thru-axle except they fit into QR dropouts and function very similarly to thru-axles.


The problem is finding hubs that support the 9mm/10mm RWS system. You could hack it with an appropriate sleeve or if you're handy with a mill, maybe shave it off to fit...

You'd have to do some research to find out if this solution works for you, but this solution does actually exist.

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