Who: Possibly you. The main trick is for me to join I need folks fragrance free, laundry detergent, soap, shampoo, hair product, everything you put on you or your clothes "fragrance free" (scent free is not the same, usually just covers the scents with more scents). Why am I such a pain? Brain bludgeoning. If you and others connect and want to ride and aren't fragrance free, no worries. I love riding solo too. Just looking for an area riding partner or two.

What: Meandoneering. Day rides mostly, but perhaps some S24Os or longer.

Where: Secluded gravel roads and single track known or yet to be discovered, within an hour's drive or so from Woodland Park (30 minutes is better). It's a big playground and we can ride out from there. Distances of rides will vary, but I have not problem doing a hundred or more miles.

When: We'll figure it out. Reply here or email me off group. I'm often available weekdays and weekends. 

Why: To enjoy the ride, the company, and creation.

How: Whatever bike you have is just fine. I've done 5 days on the Colorado Trail with 50mm touring tires. There is always LCG (lowest common gear) and you always have that with you (aka him-a-bike)

With abandon,

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