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Someone asked about the WTB Riddler. I'm running this tire in the 37mm size on my new gravel bike. Good tires for mixed surfaces, but not enough volume for the gravel races around here (Western PA, Eastern OH), which often have extensive technical sections with mud, loose steep climbs, etc. Also, the rear is wearing pretty quickly -- doubt that I will get even 1,000 miles out of it. (By comparison, I have Terrene Elwoods on my other bike in the 40mm size, and after about 1,000 miles the rear tire looks almost new.)
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TonyM wrote:
Which one do you prefer (38-40C) and why?

on my old bike, I couldn't put 40mm in the rear, so I got the 38 for the rear, and 40 for the front.

Other than that, there is no noticeable difference between the two.

I can psych myself out and say the 38mm is more aero in the front, or tell myself that the 40mm has more cushion in the front - but really its about frame rub.  
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Anyone care to opine on the Michelin Power Gravel to the G-One All Around to the MSO? In 700x40..
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I cannot opine about the Michelin tires but have ridden both the G-One Allround and the MSO in 700x40. To me the MSO is way better than the Allround.  The MSOs have better grip in the loose stuff and off camber ridges, roll faster on pavement and don't give you that "oh crap I'm about to hit the deck" feeling on chunky downhills.  I'm running the Clement version with tubes that came stock on a Raleigh Willard.  I've since put them on a set of Boyd CCC wheels on a different bike.  When I wear these out, I'm buying more MSOs.  I've also run 43 Gravelking SKs.  I just did not feel the love that everyone else does with them.  They did not inspire confidence on the rough stuff like the MSOs do.  Plus they sling a lot of small gravel in your helmet and jersey pockets.  
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Thanks abc. I have limited gravel tire experience and my last 2 years have been on VeeRubber Rails (700x40) with Orange seal. They have been durable and worn well, but always felt a tad sluggish. I was getting them free, so I just used them.. 

The MSO seems to tick the boxes I want, but I keep reading how heavy they are. I’ve been running the new Michelin rubber on my trail bike and like the grip of the Gum-X rubber in the wet. That wet grip drew me to look at the Michelin Gravel options, but minimal people running them. 


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