As a long time road racer (my first race as a 15 year old Junior in 1958) I'm very familiar with all the details of pace line riding. Riding many years as a USCF Masters age grouper, you more or less get to know everyone -- and the rules and etiquette of safely executing these techniques. Bad players are quickly identified and shamed into conformance. But as a newly minted "gravel grinder", and having ridden my first event, I can see that many of the GG clan are strangers to these techniques. Here is a good article from Gravel Cyclist: . It covers the most important points. The only thing I would add, is that you should try to find a group of like minded companions to practice these techniques. At a non-race event, also be polite. If you wish to paceline with another rider or group -- ask them if they don't mind you joining them or drafting on them. Don't insist. If they do't want to do it; either speed up or drop back.
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