Anyone have any thoughts or experience with The Land Run 100 in Oklahoma?
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Awesome race put on by Bobby Wintle, Owner of District Bikes in Stillwater. He is a native of Emporia. So suffice it to say he knows a thing or two about laying out a good course.  I participated in last years inagural Land Run. Amazing course with serious gravel and good elevation. The weather sucked big time though. High winds and rain later in the day. The red dirt makes for a nasty muck when wet. Deraileurs snapping off left and right for those that didn't cross the finish line before the roads went bad. If you can make it to Stillwater in March I would highly recommend this race.
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Indeed Bobby has infected dozens of us around Stillwater with gravel fever.  If you are not familiar with our little corner of the world, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with our ride options...and never again will you think of Oklahoma as flat.  Next March the 15th, the weather could be doing virtually anything. 
About all I can promise for certain is a great time so roll the dice and come join us!

I heard more than one rider say it was worth the ride for the "finisher cupcakes" alone!

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Last year's Land Run was my first organized event on a bicycle. It was life changing. It may have taken me 11 1/2 hours on my 29er to cross the finish line but by god the high five and hug from Bobby Wintle (and my wife) were worth it.

I didn't stay long at the block party after I finished. Never enjoyed the cup cakes or beer. But this year, this year is going to be amazing. And I'm going to enjoy every painful moment again.
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