The Ohio Gravel Race Series is a point based series composed of 6 unique gravel road races within the great state of Ohio.

  • May 4th Black Fork Gravel Grinder - 54 Miles
  • June 15th Funk Bottoms Gravel - 130 Miles
  • July 13th Rock Creek Roubaix - 50 Miles
  • August 17th Magnolia Gravel Galore - 55 Miles
  • September 7th Nite Rider Gravel Grinder - 33 Miles
  • October 12th Ride On Jeremy's Ride - 100 Miles

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You might want to post this in the appropriate "Region" forum, as well. But I do appreciate this, as I am in your neck of the woods and this makes it easy to keep track of the nearby events. So far, I am planning on doing the first four on your list.
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