I've recently done the freehub bearings on my Novatec d772sb. It's been an ongoing saga. I am using the 6902 bore adapters and a press tool from Wheels MFG.

The shop couldn't get me replacements right away - I have a new d791sb on a shelf so I pull the bearings and pressed them into the freehub. After putting the bike back together there was a CRAZY amount of drag when freewheeling. The pedals would be pulled and spin in time with the rear wheel. I hit another shop to ask about tips&tricks but they told me that the chances of using a cartridge bearing after extraction is low.

So I waited and have just gotten and installed Enduro 6902 LLB bearings. I used Dumonde freehub grease to give everything a nice light coating for seals and outer bearing race surfaces. Pressed everything back together and reassembled. EXACT SAME THING the freehub drags like crazy.

Has anyone done bearings on one of these 742/772/792 rear freehubs? I did the hub shell bearings no sweat, spin beautifully. But I am really frustrated. I've got a 200km gravel race tomorrow and have no choice but to run this bike as it sits. I'm not concerned about the rebuild, but I can't help but think I'm doing something wrong.
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took my kid on a 10km loop of some road and single track. The rear freehub bearings were driving the chain so hard; it would skip off the chainring when I was free wheeling and hit a bump!

i thought the bike was done for. But 100m from home it magically freed up!

stuck seal? Alignment issue? I’m curious to see the longevity of the bearings with the increased LLB protection BUT I will certainly be looking for 6902s that spin more freely than these do.
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The bearing spun when you took it out of the box, right?
It rather sounds like the bearing is not spinnig, but your wheel is spinning around the through axle i.e. the bearing is not spinning but a frozen bearing is spinning around your axle; the inner race of the bearing should not be rotating with the wheel - it should be static and not move relative to the axle. Just guessing.  But you don't want to wear a hole or groove in your axle.  So, check that. 

Did the bearing spin freely out of the box
when installed on the wheel, did the wheel rotate around the axle, or are the bearings doing the rotation?
Anything changed when installed on the bike?  if so, could something be binding, or the clamping of the axel/frame causing something to stick.

I did mine (pretty sure I got metal shavings in the bearings originally when I was trimming the axle ends).  It was pretty simple.  Not sure I needed the 6902 bore adapter 
as if I really wanted to, I could use the old bearing as a press.  Novatec has a good video on doing the process (with the proper tools).

Possibly they bearings are not centered on the axle properly?  Seems like mine centered pretty well when I put it on the wheel though.
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Thanks for the response. I have to pull the axle to do a freehub swap soon. I'll take a look at see if it's grinding away. Bearings spun freely out of the box, I feel that these Enduro LLB have a little more drag than the -2RS ones that came out though. Willing to trade a little drag for weather resistance but only to a point...

The bearings pressed nicely into the shell using the Wheels MFG 6902 open bore adapter and press kit. Bearing #1, spacer, Bearing#2. Maybe the spacer wasn't aligned? Definitely no way to install the bearings off centre, they are just pressed into the shell and off you go. So it seems to me.

I'll be looking for a nice 6902 at a decent price, lmk if you have a good source!
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