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Thank @Conan I ended up ordering the XT's as I couldn't justify the huge price difference for only 29grams difference in weight and a tiny thickness difference.

Now it's just a test of patience. I have $960 left to pay off and my local doesn't take AfterPay; groan. But I am paying half in 2 days and the rest in 2 weeks. 

Can't wait to see the speed differences I achieve. I have not been riding seriously for 20 years, always as a hobby only, but am now using Strava and getting competitive on my local trails. Hitting just under 35 mins for a 16 km gravel ride with 7 gates to weave through. Best Strava time on the trail is 29.19 on a Specialized Tarmac (unsure of the version). Hoping I can get to around 30 mins with the Norco. Maybe even beat that time. No idea. I am 39. 😋
Cycling is my therapy.
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