Yeah, I know it's not recommended but I was wondering if anyone here has tried mounting non tubeless road tires - tubeless - on stans gravel wheels. Just dropped coin on the cb7 wheelset, and plan to have that help enable my grinder to serve as a double duty quiver killer road bike. I'd like to run 28c with around 60psi. Anyone tried it?
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As I understand it, Stan's wheels are "oversized" to make it more reliable to use with non tubless tires.  

I run some non-tubless 32mm Continental 4-season tires on tubless wheels.  My biggest concern would be about burping.  So, I use skinnystrippers (latex liner) to ensure there are no surprises.  I know of others that use them on tubless wheels without the extra latex.   Below 32mm I just throw a tube in there - as there isn't much of a drawback using tubes with smaller tires (assuming flats aren't an issue).

Yeah, I wouldn't go over 60psi in your scenario.  
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People have tried it, and it has frequently failed magnificently.  Thus the recommendation not to do it. 

Get proper tubeless tires, or get new teeth. 
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Yes, don't do this.  It's an idea with potentially catastrophic, face-rebuilding consequences.

Having had a couple *tubeless* tires blow off rims, there is absolutely no way I'd risk this with tires not rated for tubeless use.

Now, if you want to run a 32mm tire at 25psi for 'cross, that's probably a different matter.  It might fail, but at least it'll be in the grass.
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