They said it's being retired.

I suppose that means that there will not be a replacement and this promo, cool support thing, is over.

Bummer.  I, as well as many looked forward to seeing it and sitting on it.  I got a couple of turns on it.  I thought it was in good shape.  Guess not.

I wonder if there is more to the story!  It's not cheap hauling that thing around, paying for a photographer, uploading the pics, paying or the patches, having staff there to manage it all.  I'm sure it all added into the decision.  

Still, it was something to rally around, knowing it was out there somewhere.  

It will be missed!
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Shaun McNally
Well no each race can do their own thing. I know the filthy 50 had a toilet out on the course the last 2 years that you could sit on and take a picture.
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