Zipper broke on a bontrager bag I had and was thinking about trying something different.  Needs to hold 3-4 tubes, multitool.  Also something that uses straps over a quick connect.
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Depends on tube size. I have a Jandd Tire Bag II which will hold 2 29er tubes, tool, wallet, phone, keys, CO2, small parts, etc. Could easily get 3 40mm tubes and tools, etc.
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I like the Jandd bags, too. I find that they last longer than some others I've had. I like the Mountain Wedge II for off road. It holds enough without being huge, and it stays in place because of the strap system. I have a couple of different Jandd bags depending on what type of riding I'm doing and what bike I'm using.
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I'm a long time Jandd seat pack user and they last much better than some others.
Another great option with a bit more room is from Road Runner bags, check out their Fred bag. They also have some others.
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